About d3 video

This website is a achieve of videos and films that Alex Wainwright made from the mid nineties up to now.

Alex started off , making video films, as Production Manager at Viewpoint Television in 1993. In 2003 he did a management buy out of the production company and called it D3 Studios, in 2005 that became d3 video.

In 2009 Alex started working for the University of Derby as the Technical Advisor to the Television Studio, from that point many productions have been experimental, indulging Alex’s interest in Time-lapse, the built environment and his own custom made camera grip equipment. Alex still makes commercial video recently re-versioning a Danish TV Commercial for English language and market. Alex has also been making case study interview videos with industry leaders on locations in London, New York, Dallas and Birmingham.


Alex also make specialist custom cable for television and digital film makers these can be seem at: www.d3video.studio