KO Boxing

1997: Trailer for an evening of Live Thai / Kick Boxing at the Hippodrome in the West end of London.
We left Nottingham at 6am to get to the West end at 9am and working flat out to set up 4 cameras to feed into the basement where I built a de-rig live tv control room with a BVW75 DT just for Slo-mo operated by Mr. Jake Shaw, a remote pan- tilt zoom camera operated by Mr. Andrew Clarke (Viewpoint TV’s owner) All in all there were more than 10 crew on site and we went to live recording of the fights at 6.30pm with minutes to spare and no time for any kind of break. By midnight we have finished, de-rigged, and packed up ready to head up north, but I stayed overnight with the masters which I took to Transworld Sport in the morning where I used their edit suite to cut a 5 minute hi lights spot which went out around the world to 146 countries in the next week.