Marco Island 2005

Edited from 1800 still photographs, filming started on 23rd July 2004 and ended 30th November 2005.
For technical reasons production on this time=lapse film was not started at that time. I revisited the project in the summer 2014 and selected about 100 photos to make this time-lapse. Based on digital images from a Canon D60 DSLR camera with Sigma 28-80mm lens. All pictures were taken from the 10th floor stair well window of Cranbrook House.
Workflow: All images were layered into one big 80 layer file and then auto aligned the oversized canvas was then cropped and adjusted to match 16:9 HD Video aspect ratio. Some individual layers had missing edges even after cropping so these were filled in from information from other layers. Each layer then had a vector path around the building site to create a mask that was then used to apply a lens blur to each background. Small luminance level adjustments were made to reduce the shock of changing from one week’s image to another as vastly different daylight conditions occurred throughout the 16 month shoot. The layered file was imported into premier pro cc as a sequenced layers file and used to create a timeline in its native resolution, 3235 x 1820. The soundtrack was applied and used to set the rhythm and pace of each image and their transition, Vignette Wipe by Boris. A longer image at the start and end, with an animated lens flare on the last image and fade up and down to complete.
Music is: Sinfonia No. 3 in D Major – BWV 789, by Kevin MacLeod On:
Description: Bach’s 3-part invention with a hip beat and bass. The notes are all Bach’s, but are not all in the correct order. Time: 1:50 98 BPM (Moderato – A Bit Fast)
Instruments: Bass, Kit, Pipe organ
Thank you Kevin.